Fan Dance 2018

This Qianlong period famille rose vase of naked lady lillies features a pair of dancing grey fantails, provocatively using their beautiful fan tails to reinterpret this cheeky burlesque dance… get it… fan dance, naked ladies… sorry not sorry… I do like my visual puns. This painting was in my Ginger and Honey Exhibition at Michael Reid Sydney. Fan Dance […]

Garden of Delights: Grevillea 2018

This painting makes me happy, the colourful grevillea in the bright and cheerful Charles Catteau Boch Freres Keramis vase, even the white naped honeyeater with her stylish orange eyeshadow. Sometimes paintings are just like that. This painting was in my Garden and Honey Exhibition at Michael Reid Sydney Garden of Delights: Grevillea Watercolour on handmade 100% […]

Garden of Delights: Flannel Flower 2018

My absolute favourite Australian native flower… in fact, just my favourite flower in general! It is like a cosy hug, with it’s soft fuzzy petals and centre, in a soft cream with hints of sage green at the tips… what is not too love! I have combined them with a rather unappreciated honeyeater. Not particularly […]

Ruffle Some Feathers 2018

This kookaburra atop a peacock ginger jar was part of my Ginger and Honey exhibition at Michael Reid Sydney in February 2019. This image is available as a boxed set of greeting cards and a limited edition fine art print through my online shop Ruffle Some Feathers Watercolour on handmade 100% cotton paper Paper size 62cm x 46cm […]

Prickly Pair 2018

I love painting echidnas! They are so difficult and quirky and I am obviously a sucker for punishment because I keep going back for more. But there is so much you can do with them… the possibilities are endless. This certainly wont be my last echidna painting… Was part of my Ginger and Honey exhibition […]

Frogged Determination 2018

We have some cute little frogs which share our property with us. Most of them are Peron’s tree frogs, but every now and then we see a bright green Kermit frog. This little green tree frog found a beautiful chinese ginger jar decorated in one of his favourite foods, butterflies. He climbed to the top hoping that a […]

Tea-tering Double Barred Finch 2018

With their blue beak and feet, I love pairing double barred finches with blue and white china. This is the ultimate in blue and white china, with actual teacup designs and tea paraphernalia. This painting featured in my Ginger and Honey Exhibition at Michael Reid Sydney Tea-tering Double Barred Finch Watercolour on handmade 100% cotton paper Paper […]

Tea-tering Superb Wrens 2018

A mix of all different vintage tea cups and paraphernalia combined with a family of superb blue wrens. These teacup ring paintings are so much fun to paint and wrens are such fun loving birds, this is, to me just a cheerful painting. This painting was in my Ginger and Honey Exhibition at Michael Reid Sydney […]

Tea-tering Gouldian Finches 2018

Well, you can’t get any more colourful than gouldian finches, so it was fun to look for all sorts of tea cups to go with them. It was a challenge to see how bright and cheerful I could make this painting. This was a part of my Ginger and Honey exhibition at Michael Reid Sydney Tea-tearing Gouldian […]

Tea-tottering Scarlet Honeyeater 2018

This very elegant scarlet honeyeater was all dressed up in his finery and ready to go to the Huntington Music Festival as part of the exhibition there. He enjoyed the music very much and decided to move to Sydney with a complete stranger he met at said music festival. I shall miss him. Tea-tottering Scarlet […]

Mixed Flock Pardalote

I love over the top wallpaper, so I decided to do a series dedicated to fab wallpaper designs with a bit of bling… and to me, the ultimate blingy wallpaper is flocked wallpaper. Perfect to pair with mini birds. This is number one in my mixed flock… the spotted pardalote. I intended them to be […]

Tea-tottering Budgie 2018

A blue budgie on a stack of blue and white teacups… of course! Tea-tottering Budgie 2018 Watercolour on handmade 100% cotton rag paper Paper size 45cm x 31cm Private collection