This is a selection of some of my favourite paintings, it is by no means a complete list.  It is a just chance for me to highlight a few of my works, and a chance to show you (and myself) what I have done.

Although many of these paintings have gone to new homes, commissions are welcome. Contact me if there is something here you would like something similar to. You will not receive a copy of the painting, but something ‘along the lines of’… but who doesn’t love surprises?

Teaching Myself to Paint Again with Another’s Hand 2022

Hello Possums! 2022

Pretty in Pink 2022

Golden Ginkgo 2022

Lyre Lyre Plants on Fire 2021

Lyrical Bouquet 2021

Chester Nealie 2021

Rains Coming 2021

Cockies and Sunflowers

The Spider and the Fly 2021

The Birds and the Bees 2021

Superbowl Lesser Sooty Owl 2021

Tea Cock 2021

Pride of Peacocks 2021

Bowl of Mandarins 2021

Birdie Willow 2020

Aussie Willow 2020

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! 2020

Fairy Tales 2020

Imaginary Friends 2020

Cinderella 2020

Emperor’s New Clothes (Gouldian Weaver Finches) 2020

Nectar of the Gods 2020

Sweet Nothings 2020

A Cup of Tea is Like a Warm Hug 2020

The Owl and the Pussycat 2020

Birds of Paradise 2019

How Good’s The Cricket? It’s… (Koala Tea) 2020

Parrot Tulips 2019

Granny’s Cloak Moth Orchid 2019

Ere Be Sea Dragons 2019

Dragon Flies 2019

Velvet Slippers 2019

Fairy Tail 2020

Egg Shells 2020

Get Em Before They Are Gone: Swift Parrot 2019

Get Em Before They Are Gone: Orange Bellied Parrot 2019

Get Em Before They Are Gone: Regent Honeyeater 2019

Four Calling Birds 2019

Mixed Flock Eastern Spinebill 2018

Mixed Flock Yellow Thornbill 2018

Tulips 2019

Scarlet Honeyeater and Neenish Tart 2019

Fairy Wrens and Fairy Bread 2019

Double Barred Finch and Lamington 2019

Eastern Yellow Robin and Battenburg 2019

Singing the Blues 2019

Gold Flock Robin 2019

Rose Breasted Cockatoo (AKA Galah) 2019

Gouldian Finches 2019

King Fisher 2019

Life Imitates Art 2019

Wren High Tea 2019

How’s This For a Lark? 2019

Odile 2019

Banksii and Banksia 2019

The Nectar Collectors 2018

Garden of Delights: Grevillea 2018

Garden of Delights: Flannel Flower 2018

Ruffle Some Feathers 2018

Prickly Pair 2018

Tea-tering Double Barred Finch 2018

Tea-tering Superb Wrens 2018

Tea-tering Gouldian Finches 2018

Camouflage 2018

Tea-tottering Scarlet Honeyeater 2018

Tea-tottering Budgie 2018

Tea-tottering Superb Wrens

Ring a Rosie (Eastern Rosella) 2018

Tea-tering 2018

Such Galahs! 2018

Tug of War 2018

Seeing Eye to Eye 2018

A Bunting We Will Go 2018

Ant-icipation of Echidnas 2018

Wisdom of Wombats 2018

Passionfruit Cheesecake 2018

Vanilla Slice 2018

King of the Castle 2018

Sitting Duck (Self Portrait) 2018

Social Climbers 2018

Object of Affection 2018

High Society 2018

Duck Soup (Willow Pattern) 2018

Butter Wouldn’t Melt 2018

Murder of Crows 2018

Cocaphony 2018

Whirly Bird 2018

They Match Her Eyes 2018

Squall 2017

Rosella Jam 2017

Cock-a-tea 2017

Do Dunnarts Eat Donuts? 2017

Are Antechinus Anti Cheesecake? 2017

Pin Cushion 2017

Willow Story 2017

Sugar High 2017

Hipsy the French French Bulldog 2017

Who’s a Pretty Birdie? 2017

Tea Cosy 2017

Takes the Biscuit 2017

Pretty as a Pitcher 2017

Free as a Bird 2017

Bathing Beauties 2017

The Fisher King 2017

Easy As Duck Soup (Sevres Tureen) 2017

Tea-tottering Bunnykins 2017

Tea Tottering Red Browed Finch 2017

Easy As Duck Soup (Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern) 2017

Spread One’s Wings 2017

Beatrice 2017

Neville 2017

Rosehip Tea 2016

Imari Incubator 2016

One Lump or Two 2016

Flim Flan 2016

Tower Bower 2016

Tea For Two 2016

True Blue 2016

Duck Soup (Grey Teal) 2016

Duck Soup (Pacific Black Duck) 2016

Off With the Fairies 2016

With a Cherry on Top 2016

How Do You Like Them Apples? 2016

Tea Party Double Double Barred Finch 2016

Tea Party Red Browed Finch 2016

The Mad Hatter 2016

Tweedledum and Tweedledee 2016

Red Knight 2016

Knave of Hearts 2016

Fruit Loops 2016

High Tea Scarlet Honeyeater 2016

High Tea: Plum Headed Finch 2016

High Tea Diamond Firetail 2016

High Tea: Red Browed Finch 2016

High Tea: Double Barred Finch 2016

Twitcher’s Tea Party 2015

Duck Soup 2016

Romeo and Juliet 2016

Easy To Swallow 2015

Wattlebird with Waratah 2015

Hanging Round 2015

Sheep/Dog 2015

Corella Mug Shot 2015

Galah Mug Shot 2015

Cockatoo Mug Shot 2015

Magpie Thief 2015

Wombat 2015

Morning Light 2015

What a Pair of Galahs! 2015

Black Swans 2014

Rosella Fella 2014

Mischief Maker 2014

Horse Walks Into a Bar 2014

Doe Eyed 2014

Laughing Kookaburra 2014

Hold 2014

Moon Rabbit I 2014

Moon Rabbit II 2014

Cat Naps: The Bookend 2014

Cat Naps: The Ball 2014

Cat Naps: The Life Model 2014

Cat Naps: The Dead Cat 2014

Cat Naps: The Rollercoaster 2014

Cat Naps: The Super Hero 2014

Spotted Pardalote 2013

Male Superb Wren 2013

Double Barred Finch 2013

Many of my paintings are now available as greeting cards and signed art prints in the shop.