Although these paintings have gone to new homes, commissions are welcome. Contact me if there is something here you would like something similar to. You will not receive a copy of the painting, but something ‘along the lines of’… but who doesn’t love surprises?

Easy As Duck Soup (Sevres Tureen)

Tea Tottering Red Browed Finch

Easy As Duck Soup (Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern)

Spread One’s Wings



Rosehip Tea

Peppermint Tea

Chamomile Tea

Tea With Honey and Lemon

One Lump or Two

Flim Flan

Tower Bower

Tea Party Double Double Barred Finch

Tea Party Red Browed Finch

The Mad Hatter

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Red Knight

Knave of Hearts

High Tea Scarlet Honeyeater

High Tea Diamond Firetail

Nectar of the Gods Eastern Spinebill

The Fruit Picker

High Tea Zebra Finch

The Rosellas

Duck Soup

The Sugar Addict

The Florist

High Tea: Red Browed Finch


High Tea: Double Barred Finch

Nectar of the Gods: Scarlet Honeyeater

Rose Robin By Any Other Name

High Tea: Plum Headed Finch

Twitcher’s Tea Party

Romeo and Juliet

Easy To Swallow

Wattlebird with Waratah

Boy Meets Girl

Rainbow Bee Eaters

Party of Pardalotes

Male Red-Rumped Parrot

Magpie Mug Shot

Kookaburra Mug Shot

Brush Turkey Mug Shot

Hanging Round

Eastern Rosella Toed


Corella Mug Shot

Galah Mug Shot

Cockatoo Mug Shot

Magpie Thief

Morning Light

Pacific Black Duck

Brush Turkey

Red-rumped Parrot

What a Pair of Galahs!

Magpie Serenade

Magpie Strut


Willy Wagtail

Crested Pigeon

Blue Faced Honeyeater

Black Swans

Rosella Fella

Mischief Maker

What a Galah!

Horse Walks Into a Bar

Superb Wren

Heirloom Tomatoes

The Sunbaker

Doe Eyed

Laughing Kookaburra


Moon Rabbit I

Moon Rabbit II

Double-barred Finch in Winter

Yellow-rumped Thornbill

Jenny Wren

Male Superb Wren

Many of my paintings are now available as greeting cards and signed art prints in the shop.