Emperor’s New Clothes (Gouldian Weaver Finches) 2020

I have painted two Emperor’s New Clothes this year, this is the Australian version. It features an Emperor Gum Moth, who has been tricked into flying
off naked by the weavers, in this case, Gouldian Finches which are sometimes listed as being part of the weaver bird family… and with their fabulous colourful I am not surprised they are considered master weavers! (technically being a weaver bird refers to what type of nest you build, but who
is going to let a technicality get in the way of a good story…). The orchids are an Emperor Ming cymbidium orchid, and although it would have been nice to
find a Ming jardiniere to show them in, I couldn’t find one colourful enough… oh well, next time.  This painting is part of the Michael Reid Murrurundi Exhibition Country Meets Town held in Queen Street Woolllahra.

Emperor’s New Clothes (Gouldian Weaver Finches) 2020
Watercolour on handmade 100% cotton rag paper
Paper size 111cm x 76cm
Available through Michael Reid Murrurundi

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