How Good’s The Cricket? It’s… (Koala Tea) 2020

Painting whilst living in the bush this Summer has been what I can only describe as a challenge. Not only are we affected by the drought, but we have been nervously watching the firegrounds grow hoping they don’t head our way, all the while watching people lose their homes, their livelihoods, their lives, the amazing courage and perserverance of the RFS and volunteers, the absolute and total devastation to our once beautiful National Parks and the innocent Australian wildlife suffering and dying. All the while getting frustrated by the powers that be that not enough is being done to help anybody. Koalas became the symbol of these fires, and the cricket became for me the symbol for what is wrong with how these fires were dealt with… It is a joke, but not a funny one… and if you are unclear of my cricket reference, all the platters are willow pattern… get it… willow… cricket. I told you it wasn’t a funny joke…
Thank you to Carol Swadling for allowing me to use her koala photo for reference.

How Good’s the Cricket? It’s… (Koala Tea) 2020
Watercolour on handmade 100% cotton rag paper
Paper size 111cm x 76cm
Private collection

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