Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! 2020

Stolen from the “Wizard of Oz” and reinterpreted for the “Wizard of Aus”! It features a tiger quoll, a tiger orchid, a koala bear (because you can’t have Lions and Tigers and Bears without a koala bear, right?). Sea lions were too big and ant lions too small and Lion Fish live underwater so I have had to make do with the lions in the porcelain.There is a lion in the Imari pot and the little figurine under the tiger quoll’s paw is a Royal Crown Derby Lion Cub paperweight. I wanted to emulate the pose of a female Guardian Lion with my quoll as well, as realistically they are just like a native cat, so that is why she has her paw on a cub.
This piece is part of the Sydney Contemporary Presents 2020 online exhibition.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! 2020
Watercolour on handmade 100% cotton rag paper
Paper size 111cm x 76cm
Available through the Michael Reid Murrurundi offering at  Sydney Contemporary

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