Pacific Black Duck 2015

On a recent holiday to the tropics, we became quite good friends with this little fellow. He would waddle into our luxury holiday house as if he owned it, quacking all the while, even going so far as to have a swim in the water feature. He became known as Duckie… and we knew exactly which pacific black duck was our Duckie, purely by his bravado. I think we all would have loved to take him home, he was so cute, but as we don’t believe in birds in captivity he is still swimming the waterways of Noosa probably hitting on other unsuspecting families with his brazen cuteness.

This bold fellow is available as a greeting card through my online shop

Pacific Black Duck, 2015
Watercolour on 100% cotton handmade paper
Image size 30.2 cm x 21.2 cm
Framed size 42.2 cm x 32.2 cm

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