Rainbow Lorikeet 2014

In theory, the only rainbow lorikeets in Mudgee should be people’s pets. We certainly have never seen them in the wild where we live, 30 minutes out of Mudgee on a bush block. But unsurprisingly some pets have escaped and are the start of the Mudgee gang of these sugar junkie birds, the rainbow lorikeets. They are very entertaining, beautiful and incredibly noisy and party birds. In Sydney, outdoor cafes had to stop leaving sugar sachets out to stop these little junkies from ripping the packets open and pouring the refined white sugar down their throats… clever, naughty birds. Who needs flowers or nectar…

This fellow is available as a greeting card through my online shop

Rainbow Lorikeet, 2014
Watercolour on 100% cotton handmade paper
Image size 30.2 cm x 21.2 cm

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